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Tech Help Resources By Product

 DescriptionPART#Available Resources
Actuator Assemblies (Hydraulic)A1101A, A1200S, A1101EX, A1200SRCNon-Standard Install Options
Replacing Piston O-Ring
Replacing Upper Hinge w/Sensor
Upper Hinge Drilling Template
Actuator Breakdown
Actuator Upper Hinge (Hydraulic)A1103Replacing Upper Hinge
Actuator Upper Hinge with External Line (Hydraulic)A1103EXReplacing Upper Hinge with External Line
Auto Tab Control (Hydraulic)AC3000, AC3000A, AC3EIC, AC3EICAInstall Instructions & Wiring Diagrams
Auto Tab RetractorAR512, AR524Install Instructions
AutoTrim Pro (ATP) - Electric SystemsAP000A1BCQuickstart Guide
Install/Owner's Manual
VIDEO: Installation with Lenco Actuators
VIDEO: One-time set-up
AutoTrim Pro (ATP) - Hydraulic SystemsAP000A1HAQuickstart Guide
Install/Owner's Manual
VIDEO: One-time set-up
AutoTrim Pro (ATP) Sensor Kit InstallationATPSEN (Multiple)Install Guide & Drilling Template
Bennett Hydraulic to Bolt Electric Conversion KitHYDBOLTCONInstallation Instructions
BOLT 12-Volt Electric ActuatorBEA3000Bennett Upper Hinge
BOLT 12-Volt Electric Actuator
(Fixed Upper Hinge)
BOLT Electric Indicator Helm ControlBCI8000BCI8000 Installation Instructions
BOLT System Installation Manual
BOLT System Wiring Diagrams
BOLT Electric Rocker Helm ControlBRC4000BRC4000 Installation Instructions
BOLT System Installation Manual
BOLT System Wiring Diagrams
BOLT Electric Standard Helm ControlBCN6000BCN6000 Installation Instructions
BOLT System Installation Manual
BOLT System Wiring Diagrams
Bolt Electric Trim Tab KitsBOLT129, BOLT189, BOLT249, BOLT1212, BOLT1812, BOLT2412BOLT System Installation Manual
BOLT System Wiring Diagrams
Conversion KitsV351LK, V351CKownersmanual_icon
DEUTSCH DT Series Connector InstructionsDeutsch Connector Help Video
Electronic Indicator ControlEIC5000, EIC5000A, EIC50002, EIC5000A2install_iconschematic_icon
Euro-Style Rocker Switch ControlES2000, ES2000Ainstall_icon
Hatch LiftersMultiple install_iconschematic_icon
Hydraulic Power UnitV351HPU1, V351HPU2, DAHPU, DAHPU2troubleshooting_iconinstall_iconschematic_icon
Lenco-to-Bolt Upgrade Conversion KitBOLTLKCONInstallation Instructions
Lock-Out Rocker Switch ControlLS3000, LS3000Ainstall_icon
M80 and M120 Sport Tab SystemsM80EIC, M120EIC, M80TPI, M120TPIOwner's Manual
Install Guide
Install Video
NMEA 2000 Indicator KitNMEA1install_icon
Performance Sport TabsST9, ST12, ST16ownersmanual_icontroubleshooting_iconinstall_iconschematic_icon
Premier Line BXT SystemsCustom Sizesinstall_icon
Premier Line SSTCustom Sizesinstall_icon
Premier Line XPT SystemsXPT1520, XPT1820, XPT1824install_icon
Relay ModuleRM12, RM24install_icon
SLT Self-Leveling TabsSLT6, SLT10install_icon
Solenoid Valve Green WireVP1135Ginstall_icon
Solenoid Valve Red WireVP1135Rinstall_icon
Tab Position IndicatorTPI2000, TPI2000Binstall_icon
Tournament Tab KitsBT810, BT1012ownersmanual_icontroubleshooting_iconinstall_iconschematic_icon
Trim Tab Kit (Standard/Classic Hydraulic) 129, 189, 249, 309, 369, 429, 489, 549, 1212, 1812, 2412, 3012, 3612, 4212, 4812, 5412, 6012, 6612, 7212ownersmanual_icontroubleshooting_iconinstall_iconschematic_icon
Upper Hinge with Coil - PortCC3003-Pinstall_icon
Upper Hinge with Coil - StarboardCC3003-Sinstall_icon
Wake TabsX22, X18, X14, TG1000Xownersmanual_icon install_icon