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In 1959, Charles Bennett invented the first adjustable trim tab, dramatically improving a boat’s performance in an expanded range of conditions. Having earned a reputation for exceptional durability and reliability, Bennett Trim Tabs can be found on boats all over the world.


More than 50 years in business, millions of trim tabs sold,
unmatched customer loyalty and satisfaction

Bennett Marine continues to lead the way as the largest manufacturer of durable hydraulic and electric trim tab systems for a variety of boat styles and sizes. More than 50 years in business, millions of trim tabs sold, and unmatched customer loyalty and satisfaction, we can proudly say that we’ve learned how to make extremely reliable products that outperform the competition. That’s why most of the best boat builders in the world use Bennett systems as standard equipment.


Bennett Marine offers exceptional systems
for boats across the spectrum


We design our systems to last longer than your boat, because our primary goal is to keep you on the water enjoying the experience. When you need a helping hand, our legendary customer service team is a phone call away to walk you through an installation or help you troubleshoot a problem.

Our primary goal is to keep you on the water
enjoying the experience, for years to come.

Our worldwide distribution centers offer customer support and availability in over 60 countries. To find the nearest dealer or distributor near you or to contact us for more information, click on a link below.