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Guide To Trim Tabs


Maintaining Your Trim Tab System

Bennett Trim Tabs have been proven to be the most durable trim tab system on the market today and the most serviceable. By following these simple guidelines for proper maintenance, you can enjoy years of superior trim tab performance.

The following maintenance information can also be found in your Owner’s Manual

Periodically, check fluid level in HPU. With trim tabs completely retracted, fluid level should be about 2 inches from bottom of reservoir (approximately 22 ounces). To refill, remove Lexan cover and filler plug located at the front left hand corner of the reservoir. FILL WITH ANY TYPE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID (ATF) ONLY. Brands or types of ATF can be mixed. Running HPU with an excess or lack of fluid will not cause damage.

Periodically, check for clean electrical connections on back of control, HPU ground wire, and quick-disconnect plug.

Cold temperatures do not affect the trim tab system. No winterization is necessary.

(SALTWATER ONLY) To deter electrolysis, a zinc anode should be attached to the top of each trim tab. Zinc must make direct contact with stainless steel. Do not paint zinc. Do not ground trim tabs to other underwater appendages.

Paint trim tabs to discourage marine growth:
1. Clean surface of all grease, oil, dirt.
2. Apply two coats of epoxy metal primer.
3. Apply two coats of anti-fouling paint. Actuator, including the piston, may be painted.

Unpainted trim tabs may acquire an orange discoloration. THIS OXIDATION
OF SURFACE CARBON MOLECULES IS NORMAL. The integrity of the stainless steel is not affected. Orange coating can be cleaned off, but may eventually return. Note: This discoloration should not be confused with the pitting and corrosion of electrolysis.

Safety Information
. Take immediate action to correct any malfunction or failure of your trim tabs.
. Occasionally, check for loose or corroded wiring connections.
. Stepping on the trim tab may cause damage to the unit, or injury.
. Make sure the HPU is mounted in a dry location to avoid drenching and consequent failure.
. Leaving the actuator extended when boat is not in use will NOT cause seal damage.
. Occasionally, inspect HPU fluid level.

Safety Precautions
. Do not overtrim, particularly at high speeds as the bow will dig in and wave action may cause the boat to veer.
. While underway, do not move one trim tab significantly farther down than the other as undesirable listing could occur.
. Use your trim tab helm control with caution.
. For best maneuverability, trim tabs should be fully retracted in a following sea, or when running an inlet.
. Improper use of trim tabs can cause an accident or injury. Bennett Trim Tabs have a significant effect on the operation and versatility of your boat. No one knows your boat better than you. The best learning method is to spend time getting familiar with your boat’s reaction to the trim tabs. As your experience with Bennett Trim Tabs increases, so will your enjoyment. Always operate your boat with safety first in mind.

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As always, feel free to contact us with any specific questions that you have.