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  • BOLT Electric
    Trim Tab Systems
    Cutting-edge technology, with a robust, water-tight actuator
    Designed to outlast and outperform any electric
    system on the the market.
  • Premier Line XPT
    Trim Tab Systems
    Powerful, stainless steel trim tab systems made for
    the most extreme conditions in the harsh marine environment
    Bennett Premier Line, when only the best will do.
  • Spring-Loaded
    Trim Tabs
    Like having a new boat for less than $200.
    Get on plane faster, eliminate porpoising.
    Easy installation with no pump, controls or wiring.
  • Put your trim tabs on cruise control with Bennett’s all-in-one
    trim tab control system. Reduce bow rise, improve visibility
    and correct listing for a smoother ride–every time.
  • A rich legacy.
    An exciting future.
    We are pleased to announce that Bennett Marine
    has become part of the Yamaha Marine family.
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