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Rinker Captiva 232

TrimTab System

Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab Systems

Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab Systems


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Boat Specs:

  • Overall Length: 23’6”
  • Beam Length: 8’6”
  • Draft: 22” (drive up)
  • Weight (Dry): 4,215 lbs
  • Engine: Mercruiser 5.0 liter
  • Type: Alpha One I/O
  • Horsepower: 220

The Installer:

Konstantin Salnikov
New York Area, New York

Installation Notes:

“Because of the Captiva 232’s size, weight, performance characteristics and available mounting area, 18″ x 12″ trim tabs were installed. The 18″ span fits well on this transom while leaving enough clearance around the outdrive. The 12″ chord gives increased surface area to help better control the boat’s attitude at lower speeds. The Hydraulic Power Unit was mounted out of the way on the starboard side of the engine box, and the Single Lever Control was mounted just to the right of the steering wheel to make quick trim adjustments while at speed.”

Sea Trial Results:

”I took the boat out to see how much difference Trim Tabs make … and I’ve got to tell you it was amazing! The difference was huge. It was like a completely different boat! Getting on plane is almost instant now. Planing speed was reduced by around 7 mph.

Rough water handling? Let me explain my boating area. NYC harbor with huge ships, fast ferries, lots of boats, Hudson River, East River, and Atlantic Ocean come together at one place. Factor in tides and wind and you can get an idea of how rough that water is. I was able to get through this area without pounding – just a nice smooth ride!”