Although every installation is unique, and needs vary from one application to another, we’ve compiled a basic comparison chart and video below to highlight some of the basic differences between systems. For more information on each system, visit our page on Trim Tab Systems.

Below we’ve provided a basic comparison chart of our control features. For more information on each product visit our page on Helm Controls.

Sizing Specifics

Let’s get more specific on sizing to determine if there are any mounting limitations we’ll need to factor into our recommendations. Please look at the diagram below to determine how much vertical and horizontal transom space you have available.

If after reviewing this information you now have a preference in system type, please scroll up again and make that selection. Otherwise, you may continue to the next question.


Based on your selections we would recommend…


The SLT6 is a Self-Leveling Trim Tab System recommended for boats from 10-16′ feet. This system is spring-powered and does not require an electric or hydraulic power source. A helm control is not required either.

To provide a customized recommendation we’ll need some more information. Please email us at


Trim Tab Position Indication: LED indicator lights to alert you to the position and activity of the trim tabs

Ignition Auto Retraction: Retracts the trim tabs automatically when the ignition is powered off for added protection of the tabs.

“All Up” and “All Down” Buttons: Allow for one-touch manual adjustments to fully deply or retract tabs with one touch.

Auto Trim Tab Control automatically reduces bow rise and corrects listing, with the ability to take manual control any time.



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