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Product Features & Demos

Premier Line XPT Overview

Self Leveling Tabs on Ship Shape TV

Self Leveling Tabs

Hydraulic Power Units

Dealer Service Kit

Premier Line

Classic Hydraulic Actuators

BOLT Electric Actuators

Control Options

Conversion Kits

AutoTrim Pro

Mentions from the Web

Project Dreamboat BOLT Installation

Project Dream Boat XPT Install

Trim Tabs101

Bennett Trim Tabs on Ship Shape TV

Project Dreamboat Trim Tab 101

What Trim Tabs Do

Trim Tab Maintenance Tips

How Trim Tabs Work

Trim Tab Sizing Guidelines

Self Leveling Tabs Overview

Complete Accessories Overview


Sport Tab Installation

Install & Boat Test from PowerBoat TV

Self Leveling Tabs Installation

Basic Troubleshooting

Tabs Don't Move, No HPU Sound

HPU Motor Runs, Tabs Don't Move

One Tab Operates, Other Does Not

Trim Tab System Overview

Water Damage Symptoms

Actuator Moving Slowly

Leaking Actuator

Tab Won't Stay Down (Bleeds Back)