Hatch Lifting Systems

Using proven hydraulic technology, Bennett Hatch Lifter Systems raise hatches at the push of a button. The operation is quiet, smooth and responsive with no cylinder drift.

Retrofit Hatch Lifting Systems can be operated by the Trim Tab Hydraulic Power Unit. Kits are complete with all necessary hardware, tubing and fittings for simple Hatch Lifter installations. Independent Systems include the Trim Tab Hydraulic Power Unit. Independent Dual Acting Systems also available for applications that need a return “pull and hold” feature.

Hatch Lifter cylinder features & options:

• Single cylinder has about 250 lbs. of vertical lifting capability
• ¾-inch diameter stainless steel shaft, inside a black anodized aluminum cylinder
• Standard stroke is 18 inches with 12- and 24-inch strokes also available
• Dual cylinder systems can move simultaneously or independently

Parts - Hatch Lifters

HL1000181Retrofit Kit - 18" Single Cylinder666285401811
HL2000181Retrofit Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Simultaneous Movement666285402818
HL3000181Retrofit Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Independent Movement666285403815
HL1351181Independent Kit - 18" Single Cylinder666285404812
HL2351181Independent Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Simultaneous Movement666285405819
HL3351181Independent Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Independent Movement666285406816
HL1351DA181Independent Kit Dual Acting - 18" Single Cylinder666285407813
DAHPUDual Acting Hydraulic Power Unit666285321201
HL1000HBHatch Lifter Hardware Pack for HL1000666285329306
HL12M2 Valve Manifold - 12 Volt666285330104
HL12M44 Valve Manifold - 12 Volt666285330203
HL12CCylinder Only 12" Stroke666285329900
HL12CDACylinder Only 12" Stroke - Dual Acting666285330005
HL18CCylinder Only 18"666285330302
HL18CDACylinder Only 18" Stroke - Dual Acting666285330401
HL24CCylinder Only 24"666285330500
HL24CDACylinder Only 24" Stroke - Dual Acting666285330609
MKHL1000Cylinder Mounting Kit666285329405
RS1001HLSingle Rocker Switch with Bezel666285329603


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