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Hydraulic Actuator Upper Hinge 2019 Changes

In March of 2019, for enhanced manufacturability, we rolled out an internal change to our hydraulic actuators (not including Premier). This change will have no effect on the functionality of the actuator, and previous inventory in the field should NOT be returned. The subtle internal difference will only be noticed by service technicians involved in the removing and replacing of actuator upper hinges, with just a minor change in the installation steps for replacing upper hinges with sensors.

1 Sensor  Coil

  • Manufactured BEFORE March 2019: Copper
  • Manufactured AFTER March 2019: Black and white

2 Sensor Rod

  • Manufactured BEFORE March 2019: Pointed edge on one side
  • Manufactured AFTER March 2019: Flat edges on both sides
  • Note: Do not interchange rods. Newer actuator upper hinges should only use rods with flat edges on both sides. Older actuator upper hinges should only use sensor rods with one pointed edge (pointed edge faces down).
  • Note: The standard stroke for hydraulic actuators is 2.5″. If you are not sure of the proper stroke of the actuator, see the identifying illustration in the Replacing Actuator Upper Hinge with Sensor Wire manual, or contact us.

3 Plastic Spacer

  • The spacer was not present BEFORE March 2019
  • Note: The plastic spacer may be shipped detached from the upper hinge. The flanged edge will be installed facing up.