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Sea Doo Islandia

TrimTab System

Tournament Tab Systems

Tournament Tab Systems


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Additional Products Installed

Auto Tab Retractor & Auto Tab Control

Auto Tab Retractor & Auto Tab Control


Auto Tab Retractor



Auto Tab Control


Boat Specs:

  • Overall Length: 22′ / 6.7m
  • Beam Length: 8’6” / 2.6m
  • Draft: 12” / 30.5cm
  • Deadrise: 16 degrees
  • Weight (Dry): 3,050 lbs / 1,383 kg
  • Passenger Capacity: 12 person
  • Engine: Mercury M2 Jet Drive
  • Type: V6 / 2.5L
  • Horsepower: 240hp EFI

The Installer:

Dave Tollison
Cocoa Beach, Florida

Installation Notes:

“The BT1012 Tournament Tabs are a perfect match for the Islandia. The 10″ span (side to side) and 12″ chord (fore to aft) produce the right amount of lift to enhance the performance characteristics of this multipurpose boat. The tapered center section of the trim tab combined with the Batwing cross-section results in precise control at high speeds while still providing maximum lift at lower speeds. Tournament Tabs utilize short actuators that fit perfectly on the Islandia’s transom. With no exposed hoses or wires the result is a custom fit right out of the box.”

Sea Trial Results:

”I couldn’t believe the improvement the tabs made on my boat getting up on plane, and that’s in the full-up position! They did what I had hoped they would as far as the steering goes. The tabs in the full-up position act as a hook and really keeps the boat from skidding when turning. They really helped in windy waters when I deployed them just slightly below the hull level, kept the boat from needing constant steering input to keep on a true course.”