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1992 Parker 2520 Sport Cabin

TrimTab System

Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab Systems

Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab Systems


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Boat Specs:

  • Overall Length: 25’4”
  • Beam Length: 9’6”
  • Draft: 12” (engine up)
  • Deadrise: 14 degrees
  • Weight (Dry): 3,450 lbs
  • Engine: Johnson Ocean Runner
  • Type: 2 Stroke Outboard
  • Horsepower: 225

The Installer:

Dale Hubbard
Parker River, Massachusetts

Installation Notes:

“The 24″ x 9″ tabs are a perfect match for this Parker 25 Sport Cabin with the OB bracket. The 24″ span and 9″ chord produce the right amount of lift to enhance the performance characteristics of this beamy and heavy modified-V hull. I did have to notch my swim platform, like others, but this was expected prior to installation. The installation is easy for those mechanically inclined. I made up a custom dash panel for the helm that holds a backlit switch panel and the Bennett Rocker Switch out of 1/4″ Starboard, roughened up and spray painted black. Each circuit has a red LED that lights when that circuit is turned on. That, the red Trimdicator LEDs, and red backlit gauges give the helm a custom look that is fantastic when running at night!”

Why Bennett?:

“I’ve been employed as a Quality System professional in the medical and biopharmaceutical industries for over 15 years and prior to that I was in aerospace. I look for excellence in design and value in operation and service in every product that I buy. Whether it’s for the boat or not. I’ve been so impressed with customer service by Bennett, that when it came to installing trim tabs on this ‘new’ old boat of mine – it was a no brainer. In my experience, Bennett Trim Tabs have THE best Customer Service of any company in the world!”