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Classic Hydraulic Trim Tab System Parts

 DIAG Part # Description
1VP1139 Fluid Reservoir
2H1180 #10 x 1" Full Threaded Screw (HPU mounting bracket fastener)
4VP1140 Filler Plug
5H1179 Mounting Bracket for HPU
6VP1138 Lexan Cover
7VP1154 #8 x 3/4" Phil Pan Sheet Metal Screw (Lexan Cover Fastener)
8VP1142 Motor Strap
9VP1135G Solenoid Valve – Green Wire
9VP1135R Solenoid Valve – Red Wire
13T1127 Nut with Ferrule
14T1125-20 Hydraulic Tubing - 20 foot coil (Longer Tubing Available $1.83 Ft Over 20')
15H1173 Tube Bending Clip
16H1172 Female Elbow
17H1171-3 Pipe Nipples – 3"
18A1103Actuator Upper Hinge
19H1174 #14 x 1-1/2" Full Threaded Screw (Upper Hinge Fastener)
21A1109Piston with O-ring
22A1115Stainless Steel Lower Hinge Pin
22+23A1114Lower Hinge with Stainless Steel Lower Hinge Pin
23A1113Lower Hinge
28EH1071 #10 x 1-1/4" Full Thread Screw (Trim Tab to Transom Fastener)
30H1175 1/4-20 x 3/4" Machine Screw (Lower Hinge Fastener)
31WH1000 Wire Harness – 22 feet (Longer Harnesses Available $1.50 Ft Over 35')
33H1177 Nylon Hangers
34ES2000 Euro-Style Rocker Switch
35H1176 20 Amp Fuse
36H1178 Fuse Holder

BOLT Electric Trim Tab Controls and Parts

BRC4000Bolt Rocker Switch Control666285600238
BCN6000Bolt Control - Non Indicator666285600245
BCI8000Bolt Control - With Indication666285600252
BOLTLKCONLenco To Bolt Conversion Kit666285600085
BEA2000Bolt Electric Actuator666285600092
BEA2100Bolt Actuator Uh Spacer666285600108
BCN6500Control Box For Bcn666285600115
BCN6700Helm Keypad - Non Indicator666285600122
BCI8500Control Box For Bci666285600139
BCI8700Helm Keypad - With Indication 666285600146
BAW2005Actuator Wire Harness Ext - 5'666285600153
BAW2010Actuator Wire Harness Ext - 10'666285600160
BAW2015Actuator Wire Harness Ext - 15'666285600177
BAW2020Actuator Wire Harness Ext - 20'666285600184
BHW4003Helm Keypad Wire Extension - 3'666285600191
BHW4005Helm Keypad Wire Extension - 5'666285600207
BHW4007Helm Keypad Wire Extension - 7'666285600214
BHW4010Helm Keypad Wire Extension - 10'666285600221

Classic Hydraulic Actuator Parts

A1101AActuator Assembly666285314500
A1101EXActuator Assembly - External Line666285314906
A1101CPActuator w/ sensor - port (red) - for TPI or NMEA666285332207
A1101CSActuator w/ sensor - stbd (green) - for TPI or NMEA666285332306
A1101CPEICActuator w/ sensor 10' red wire - for EIC666285332252
A1101CSEICActuator w/ sensor 10' green wire - for EIC666285332351
A1103Upper Hinge666285315101
A1103EXUpper Hinge - External Line666285315200
A1109Piston w/ O-ring666285315200
A1113Lower Hinge666285315606
A1114Lower Hinge with Pin666285315705
A1115Lower Hinge Pin666285315804
A1117Small Actuator Piston w/ O-ring666285315651
A1200SActuator Assembly - Small Version666285316405
A1200SRC Actuator Assembly-Small Version for M80 & M120 (w/ Rivet Clearance on Lower Hinge)666285316450
A1200SCPSmall Act w/sensor-port666285332801
A1200SCSSmall Act w/sensor-stbd666285332900

Auto Tab Control Parts

AC3000Auto Tab Control System 12V666285200100
AC3000AATC System w/ Bridge 12V666285200209
AC30002Auto Tab Control System 24V666285200308
AC30002AATC System w/ Bridge 24V666285200407
AC3121ATC Power Pigtail666285338919
AC3200ATC Hardware - Single666285338926
AC3225ATC Hardware - Bridge666285338933
AC3250ATC Keypad666285336106
AC32506ATC 6' Keypad Cable666285336113
AC325022ATC 22' Keypad Bridge Cable666285336120
AC3400ATC Control Unit666285338902
AC3EICATC System for EIC 12/24V666285200506
AC3EICAATC System for EIC w/ Bridge 12/24V666285200605
AC3LRMATC RM Retrofit 12/24V666285200513
AC3LRMAATC RM Retrofit w/ Bridge 12/24V666285200612
WH3006ATC 4-Color Wire Harness 6'666285338216

Electronic Indication Control Parts

EIC5000Electronic Indicator Control Kit666285222300
EIC001EIC Control/Display666285222355
EIC101EIC Relay Module 12V666285222362
EIC102EIC Relay Module 24V666285222379
EIC201EIC 20' Wire Harness666285222386
EIC301EIC 4' Wire Harness666285222393
EIC401EIC Power Pigtail Pack666285222409
EIC501EIC Hardware Pack666285222416
EIC601EIC Bridge Hardware Pack
EIC701EIC Bridge Junction Box
EIC801EIC Bridge Wire Harness 20 Feet
EIC20125EIC Wire Harness 25 Feet666285222423
EIC20130EIC Wire Harness 30 Feet666285222430
EIC20135EIC Wire Harness 35 Feet666285222447
EIC20140EIC Wire Harness 40 Feet666285222454
EIC5000AElectronic Indicator with Brdg Ctrl666285222348
EIC901PEIC Port Upper Hinge w/ 10' Sensor Wire (red)666285222522
EIC901SEIC Stbd Upper Hinge w/ 10' Sensor Wire (green)666285222539

Hatch Lift Models & Parts

HL1000181Retrofit Kit - 18" Single Cylinder666285401811
HL2000181Retrofit Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Simultaneous Movement666285402818
HL3000181Retrofit Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Independent Movement666285403815
HL1351181Independent Kit - 18" Single Cylinder666285404812
HL2351181Independent Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Simultaneous Movement666285405819
HL3351181Independent Kit - 18" Dual Cylinder Independent Movement666285406816
HL1351DA181Independent Kit Dual Acting - 18" Single Cylinder666285407813
DAHPUDual Acting Hydraulic Power Unit666285321201
HL1000HBHatch Lifter Hardware Pack for HL1000666285329306
HL12M2 Valve Manifold - 12 Volt666285330104
HL12M44 Valve Manifold - 12 Volt666285330203
HL12CCylinder Only 12" Stroke666285329900
HL12CDACylinder Only 12" Stroke - Dual Acting666285330005
HL18CCylinder Only 18"666285330302
HL18CDACylinder Only 18" Stroke - Dual Acting666285330401
HL24CCylinder Only 24"666285330500
HL24CDACylinder Only 24" Stroke - Dual Acting666285330609
MKHL1000Cylinder Mounting Kit666285329405
RS1001HLSingle Rocker Switch with Bezel666285329603

Trim Plane Only

TPO129Trim Plane Only 12 x 9666285304808
TPO189Trim Plane Only 18 x 9666285305003
TPO249Trim Plane Only 24 x 9666285305201
TPO309Trim Plane Only 30 x 9666285305300
TPO369Trim Plane Only 36 x 9666285305409
TPO429Trim Plane Only 42 x 9666285305508
TPO489Trim Plane Only 48 x 9666285305607
TPO549Trim Plane Only 54 x 9666285305706
TPO1212Trim Plane Only 12 x 12666285305904
TPO1812Trim Plane Only 18 x 12666285306307
TPO2412Trim Plane Only 24 x 12666285306802
TPO3012Trim Plane Only 30 x 12666285307007
TPO3612Trim Plane Only 36 x 12666285307205
TPO4212Trim Plane Only 42 x 12666285307403
TPO4812Trim Plane Only 48 x 12666285307502
TPO5412Trim Plane Only 54 x 12666285307601
TPO6012Trim Plane Only 60 x 12666285307700
TPO6612Trim Plane Only 66 x 12666285307809
TPO7212Trim Plane Only 72 x 12666285307908

Backing Plate Only

BP12Backing Plate Only for 12" tab666285312506
BP18Backing Plate Only for 18" tab666285312704
BP24Backing Plate Only for 24" tab666285312803
BP30Backing Plate Only for 30" tab666285312902
BP36Backing Plate Only for 36" tab666285313008
BP42Backing Plate Only for 42" tab666285313107
BP48Backing Plate Only for 48" tab666285313206
BP54Backing Plate Only for 54" tab666285313305
BP60Backing Plate Only for 60" tab666285313404
BP66Backing Plate Only for 66" tab666285313503
BP72Backing Plate Only for 72" tab666285313602

Hinge Plate Only

HP12Hinge Plate Only for 12" tab666285310700
HP18Hinge Plate Only for 18" tab666285310908
HP24Hinge Plate Only for 24" tab666285311004
HP30Hinge Plate Only for 30" tab666285311103
HP36Hinge Plate Only for 36" tab666285311202
HP42Hinge Plate Only for 42" tab666285311301
HP48Hinge Plate Only for 48" tab666285311400
HP54Hinge Plate Only for 54" tab666285311509
HP60Hinge Plate Only for 60" tab666285311608
HP66Hinge Plate Only for 66" tab666285311707
HP72Hinge Plate Only for 72" tab666285311806

Mounting Plate Only

MP12Mounting Plates for 12" tab666285308707
MP18Mounting Plates for 18" tab666285308905
MP24Mounting Plates for 24" tab666285309209
MP30Mounting Plates for 30" tab666285309308
MP36Mounting Plates for 36" tab666285309407
MP42Mounting Plates for 42" tab666285309506
MP48Mounting Plates for 48" tab666285309605
MP54Mounting Plates for 54" tab666285309704
MP60Mounting Plates for 60" tab666285309803
MP66Mounting Plates for 66" tab666285309902
MP72Mounting Plates for 72" tab666285310007

Trim Plane Only for Sport Tabs

TPOM80Trim Plane Only for M80666285145517
TPOM120Trim Plane Only for M120666285146613
TPOST9Trim Plane Only for ST9666285305805
TPOST12Trim Plane Only for ST12666285308301
TPOST16-PTrim Plane Only for ST16 - Port side666285308400
TPOST16-STrim Plane Only for ST16 - Starboard side666285308509

Mounting Plates for Sport Tabs

MPM80Mounting plates for M-80666285310212
MPM120Mounting plates for M-120666285310113
MPST9Mounting plates for ST9666285310502
MPST12Mounting plates for ST12666285310304
MPST16Mounting plates for ST16666285310403

Hydraulic Power Unit Parts

H1179Mounting Bracket for HPU666285327104
H1180#10 x 1" Full Threaded Screw (HPU mounting bracket fastener)666285327203
PT110Pigtail for HPU or Control666285327517
T1127Nut with Ferrule666285328408
V351HPU1Hydraulic Power Unit - 12 Volt666285321607
V351HPU2Hydraulic Power Unit - 24 Volt666285321904
VP1135RSolenoid Valve - Red Wire666285322802
VP1135GSolenoid Valve - Green Wire666285322406
VP1138Lexan Cover666285323205
VP1139Fluid Reservoir666285323304
VP1140Filler Plug666285323403
VP1141Hex Retainer666285323502
VP1142Motor Strap666285323601
VP1144HPU Face Plate666285323809
VP1154#8 x 3/4" Phil Pan Sheet Metal Screw666285324103
DAHPUDual Acting Hydraulic Power Unit666285321201

Miscellaneous Parts

V351CKBoat Leveler to Bennett Actuator Conversion Kit666285328705
V351LKLenco to Bennett Conversion Kit666285328705
AR512Auto Tab Retractor 12 V666285220009
AR524Auto Tab Retractor 24 V666285221006
RM12Relay Module 12 V666285320402
RM24Relay Module 24 V666285350508
EH1071#10 x 1-1/4" Full Thread Screw (trim tab to transom fastener)666285325001
H1170AHardware Pack (trim tab hydraulic hardware)666285325308
H1170BDual Actuator Hardware Pack666285325605
H1171-3Pipe Nipples - 3"666285325902
Pipe Nipples - 2", 4", and 5"
H1172Female Elbow666285326305
H1173Tube Bending Clip666285326503
H1174#14 x 1-1/2" Full Threaded Screw (upper hinge fastener)666285326602
H11751/4 - 20 x 3/4" Machine Screw (lower hinge fastener)666285326701
H117620 Amp Fuse666285326800
H1177Nylon Hangers666285326909
H1178Fuse Holder666285327005
H1180#10 x 1" Full Threaded Screw (HPU mounting bracket fastener)666285327203
PT109Pigtail for Wire Harness666285327500
T1125-20Hydraulic Tubing - 20 foot coil (longer tubing available $1.83 ft. over 20')666285327807
T1125Hydraulic Tubing (per foot)666285327708
T1126Brass Line Tee Fitting666285328309
T1127SKNut with Ferrule - 4-Pack666285328507
WH1000Wire Harness - 22 feet (longer harnesses available $1.50 ft. over 35 feet)666285319109

Dealer Service Kit

Save on Replacement Parts – Exclusively for stocking dealers and repair yards.

The Dealer Service Kit includes a HPU, 4 actuators and a rocker control PLUS several of the most common replacement parts – at one very low price.


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