Trim Plane Only (TPO)

Bennett Trim Planes (tabs) are made of high quality 304 stainless steel and remain strong and rigid, even in the most demanding environments. Trim Planes can be purchased individually but typically make up a Trim Plane Assembly.

Parts - Trim Plane Only

TPO129Trim Plane Only 12 x 9
TPO189Trim Plane Only 18 x 9
TPO249Trim Plane Only 24 x 9
TPO309Trim Plane Only 30 x 9
TPO369Trim Plane Only 36 x 9
TPO429Trim Plane Only 42 x 9
TPO489Trim Plane Only 48 x 9
TPO549Trim Plane Only 54 x 9
TPO1212Trim Plane Only 12 x 12
TPO1812Trim Plane Only 18 x 12
TPO2412Trim Plane Only 24 x 12
TPO3012Trim Plane Only 30 x 12
TPO3612Trim Plane Only 36 x 12
TPO4212Trim Plane Only 42 x 12
TPO4812Trim Plane Only 48 x 12
TPO5412Trim Plane Only 54 x 12
TPO6012Trim Plane Only 60 x 12
TPO6612Trim Plane Only 66 x 12
TPO7212Trim Plane Only 72 x 12
TPOM80Trim Plane Only for M80
TPOM120Trim Plane Only for M120
TPOST9Trim Plane Only for ST9
TPOST12Trim Plane Only for ST12
TPOST16STrim Plane Only for ST16 Starboard side
TPOST16PTrim Plane Only for ST16 Port side

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The items on this list have been identified as subject to California Prop 65 Warnings. Contact Bennett Marine for questions about specific items as needed.



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