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Trim Plane Assembly (Various Sizes)

Description & Features

Bennett trim planes are made of high quality 304 stainless steel and remain strong and rigid, even in the most challenging situations. Each trim plane assembly includes a trim plane, backing plate and hinge for one side of the boat.

Parts - Trim Plane Assembly

TPA12412 x 4 Standard666285600078
TPA12912 x 9 Standard (10 x 9 available)666285300206
TPA18918 x 9 Standard (14 & 16 x 9 available)666285300701
TPA24924 x 9 Standard (20 & 22 x 9 available)666285301203
TPA30930 X 9 Standard666285301302
TPA36936 X 9 Standard666285301401
TPA42942 X 9 Standard666285301500
TPA48948 X 9 Standard666285301609
TPA54954 X 9 Standard666285301708
TPA121212 x 12 Standard666285301906
TPA181218 x 12 Standard (14 & 16 x 12 available)666285302309
TPA241224 x 12 Standard (20 & 22 x 12 available)666285302705
TPA301230 x 12 Standard666285302903
TPA361236 x 12 Standard666285303108
TPA421242 x 12 Standard666285303207
TPA481248 x 12 Standard666285303306
TPA541254 x 12 Standard666285303405
TPA601260 x 12 Standard666285303504
TPA661266 x 12 Standard666285303603
TPA721272 x 12 Standard666285303702

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