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Sport (M80/M120) Limited Space Hydraulic Trim Systems

The M80 and M120 Sport tabs are ideal for boats with limited transom space. The unique batwing design provides 30% more lift than conventional trim tabs. Balance loads, plane faster, increase efficiency and performance with Bennett hydraulic trim tabs–known for power, precision, and durability.

Features & Benefits

  • Sport batwing tab design provides 30% more lift
  • Get on plane fast, and stay on plane at intermediate speeds
  • Correct listing and uneven loads
  • Improve visibility and safety
  • Reduce pounding and eliminate porpoising
  • Low maintenance, long-term value, and ease of service
  • Exclusive transom mount interlocking tab design (Bottom and piano hinge mounts are available
    for custom order)

Items Included in Sets

  • (2) Trim plane assemblies
  • (2) Hydraulic actuators (A1200SRC)
  • (1) Hydraulic power unit (V351HPU1)
  • Hydraulic tubing and hardware
  • Optional helm control (See the Control Options tab)

Set Options & Tab Sizes

Sets with Rocker Control

  • M80 (8″ x 10″ span x chord)
  • M120 (10″ x 12″ span x chord)

Sets with Indicator Control

  • M80EIC (8″ x 10″ span x chord)
  • M120EIC (10″ x 12″ span x chord)

Sets with AutoTrim Pro

  • M80ATP (8″ x 10″ span x chord)
  • M120ATP (10″ x 12″ span x chord)

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