EIC Electronic Indicator Control Kit (HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS ONLY)

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Three features combined into one sophisticated control — soft-touch helm control, trim tab indicator, and the auto tab retractor feature. Water resistant, highly accurate, and features variable intensity LEDs for night or day.

Features Include:

  • Water-resistant keypad and connectors ensure years of trouble-free operation

  • Features a relay module mounted near the transom that simplifies installation by reducing the number of wires to run to the helm

  • Automatic trim tab retractor protects tabs from damage

• EIC Display (EIC001)
• 12V EIC Relay Module (EIC101)
• Sensor with 10′ SC Red and Connector (EIC901P)
• Sensor with 10′ SC Green and Connector (EIC901S)
• 20′ EIC Cable (EIC201)
• EIC Pigtail Pack (EIC401)
• EIC Hardware Pack (EIC501)

24 volt kit also available – Part# EIC50002.

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