Bennett Marine warranties the equipment that is sold and supplied against any faulty manufacturing defects.

1) Warranty validity period:

a. The warranty period is twelve (12) months starting from the date of the first use by the original consumer.  In the event that our systems are mounted or used on work or commercial boats the warranty period is six (6) months from the date of first use. The manufacturer has the right to require from the client proof of the date specified on the warranty request.

b. This period is neither extended nor interrupted through legal or amicable claims on the part of the client. At the end of this period, the warranty is terminated without further consideration.

c. The warranty will not be renewed following replacement or if the item is resold.

2) Conditions that make the warranty null and void:

a. The obligation of the warranty will not apply in case of negligence, faulty
installation or maintenance, operator’s responsibility, imprudence, non-observance of recommended operating instructions, incidents resulting from a cause of force majeure, or the use of automatic transmission fluid of insufficient quantity for this equipment.

b. The warranty is not valid where some of Bennett components are installed on a control system together with other manufacturers’ products.

c. The warranty does not apply if the faulty equipment is not returned to Bennett Marine and if it has been previously disassembled, repaired, modified by either the user or by a third party.

d. The warranty does not cover failure due to the construction or choice of unsuitable materials by ordering the product in spite of prior advice or as standard guidelines, given by Bennett Marine.

3) Conditions of equipment failure

a. In case of equipment failure within its warranty period, Bennett Marine must be contacted to authorize any replacement parts. The client must allow the technician to be able to ascertain the defects and to perform corrective actions. After receiving proper notification of the equipment defect, the technician shall correct this fault as soon as reasonably possible, reserving the right, if applicable, to modify all or part of the equipment in order to fulfill the obligations.

b. The replacement of the defective components under warranty condition is left to Bennett Marine’s judgment.

c. The defective products must be sent pre-paid together with a copy of the invoice or vessel’s bill of sale.

d. In case the repairs are not under warranty as specified in the condition paragraph 2, the owner agrees to pay the boat repair yard for said work, labor and materials.  Verbal price quotes by personnel are rough estimates and are not binding; all orders must be in writing and signed by the owner and the manufacturer or distributor.

e. During the warranty period, the dismantling, repairing and reassembly of the faulty items are the responsibility of Bennett Marine. The shipping costs for repaired or replaced products, as well as for hauling and labor costs shall be paid by the client.

f. All work performed on vessels can only occur with Owner’s specific instructions. However, in emergency cases, Bennett Marine reserves the right to repair Owner’s
vessel if in the opinion of Bennett Marine or our distributor an emergency arises
making such action necessary in the protection of the vessel. Owner agrees to pay for these emergency repairs at the prevailing rates.

g. Bennett Marine reserves all rights against the vessel and personally against the owner for payment of all charges in full.

h. Bennett Marine shall not be responsible for any damage to said vessel or damage to or loss of any articles or personal property, gear, or any other appurtenances left aboard the vessel.

i. Bennett Marine does not provide insurance for the vessel; the insurance liability coverage is for Bennett Marine only. Owner agrees that he will provide his own
insurance for his vessel and will keep coverage in effect for the time period the vessel is being repaired.

4) General warranty terms

a. The obligation of the warranty only applies if the defect appeared under normal operating conditions stipulated for this type of vessel, or indicated by the statement of purpose or intended use to the manufacturer in writing.

b. The components replaced under warranty must be returned to Bennett Marine as they are no longer the owner’s property.

c. Bennett Marine reserves the right to change its models or parts without any
obligation to make the same alterations to any products previously manufactured.

d. The manufacturer will not be responsible for damage resulting from the client’s non-compliance with any of the obligations defined above.

e. No claim may be made for compensation such as personal injury, damage to goods other than those concerned in this document, operating losses, commercial damage or loss of earnings.

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