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Bennett Marine Offers the Most Affordable Auto Tab Control System on the Market

AutoTrim Pro Adjusts Trim Tabs – Automatically Invented by Bennett Marine, auto tab control features have been maintaining boat trim since 1992. Bennet took trim control to the next level in 2016 with the introduction of the AutoTrim Pro, an all-in-one helm control with the auto tab feature built right in. The control automatically adjusts […]

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Bennett’s BOLT Electric Trim Tab System Allows for Multiple Mounting Options

As a dealer, you may have heard your buyers talk about their boats slowing down from maximum speed and settling at the stern, or “squatting.” This occurrence creates an inefficient, untrimmed boating condition and deprives boaters of a pleasant experience. Boats in untrimmed conditions require more fuel to drive, create a “hill of water” when […]

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Selecting The Right Trim Tabs

Selecting The Right Trim Tabs  Proper sizing is the key to getting maximum performance from trim tabs. The lift that trim tabs produce is essentially a function of their surface area. Keep in mind that a trim tab with more surface area will produce lift more efficiently than a tab with less surface. A trim […]

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