Put Your Trim Tabs on Cruise Control.Reduce bow rise, improve visibility, correct listing

Introducing the new AutoTrim Pro for Electronic & Hydraulic Systems

AutoTrim Pro is an all-in-one trim tab control system designed for boats of all sizes–packing in a boatload of essential features into an easy-to-use, space-saving keypad.

How it Works

AutoTrim Pro automatically levels the pitch and roll of your boat, adjusting your trim tabs to changes in vessel speed, sea conditions and shifting weight. Enjoy the convenience of riding in auto mode, or shift to full manual mode anytime.

Ready to run more efficiently?

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Smart Features for a Smoother Ride

  • Auto Trim Tab Control automatically reduces bow rise and corrects listing.
  • Manual Tab Control puts you back in manual control at the touch of a button.
  • Trim Tab Position Indication alerts you to the position and activity of the trim tabs.
  • “All Up” and “All Down” Buttons allow for one-touch manual adjustments.
  •  Automatic Tab Retraction protects tabs during storage and trailering.

The Convenience of Compatibility

Whether you have electric or hydraulic tabs, AutoTrim Pro can be added to all existing Bennett systems (with minor modifications in some applications), and most others as well. AutoTrim Pro is both 12 & 24 Volt capable.

Installation at Your Fingertips

Download our Installation & User’s Guide for instruction on how to set up your new ATP system. If you need further assistance with installation, we’re just a phone call away.

The Ease of Plug and Play

With plug and play waterproof snap-on connectors, assembly is easy and straightforward. Simply connect the helm display and the control unit.

Praise for an Industry Pioneer

Boaters trust our brand. After all, we invented the world’s first adjustable trim tab—and never stopped pushing forward, always striving to make a better, more affordable system with maximum performance. Here’s what the boating community has to say about ATP.

“It’s nice not having to touch anything whatsoever, everything automatically adjusts itself according to the speed, according to the waves, whether I’m going fast, or going slow – I don’t have to look down.”

Packaged to Be Performance-Ready

AutoTrim Pro is a performance upgrade you can actually feel, engineered to make your boating experience even more enjoyable.

What’s Inside:

  • ATP control unit
  • ATP helm display
  • Plug and play waterproof connectors

AP000A1HA – Hydraulic
AP000A1BC – Electric
Adapter kit for dual helm sold separately.

We’re Here for You

Our worldwide distribution centers offer customer support in over 60 countries. To discuss your specific application or to find a dealer near you, call us at 1-954-427-1400 or fill out the form below.

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